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Embracing Entrepreneurial Thinking for Greater Employee Engagement


Are Millennials the most entrepreneurial generation ever? The jury’s still out, but one thing’s for sure: The Millennial generation’s interest and desire for entrepreneurial opportunities, along with an increasingly disruptive and fast-paced business climate, have sparked new conversations in organizations of all sizes about the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset.

All this attention focused on the need for employees to be more entrepreneurial echoes a lot of what we’ve heard for years about the importance of innovation. It plays out in a similar way, too. Executives say they want it. They recognize the benefits to the business. They talk about it in meetings. They put it in the values. They make it part of the employee value proposition. And then…not much changes.

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Millennials—Just Like Us?: The Truth Behind Generational Thinking Style Trends


We hear that they’re entitled. Lazy. Hard to please. Self-centered. Lacking a strong work ethic.

But just who is that “they”? Today’s Millennial workforce? The Gen X “slackers” of 25 years ago? The spoiled “Me Decade” Baby Boomers?

All of the above?

While there’s no denying that differences do exist between the generations, when you take a broader view of the topic, a lot of similarities emerge. Is it possible that the stereotypes aren’t so much about generations as they are about life stage?

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Why Workplace Diversity as a Hiring Strategy Isn't Enough


Silicon Valley’s “diversity problem” has been getting a lot of attention over the past year or so, with articles digging into the “man’s world” of tech and the growing pressure for change in the industry. There are even dynamic charts that track the diversity of the workforce and leadership in tech companies so you can stay up-to-date on where they are and how they compare.

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