Effective Sales Coaching: Whole Brain® Thinking Required


“Thinking? Why focus on thinking? I am interested in changing behavior!”

- A frustrated sales leader discussing how to address the organization’s challenges of improving top-line revenue growth, conversion rates and forecasting accuracy

In the sales world, we often focus on behavior and not the thinking that drives it, and as a result we often fail to get any kind of long-term change. Behaviors are situational and can be affected by many external factors, but thinking is at the heart of who we are, impacting how we process information, make decisions and learn.

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Developing Managers? Start With Their Thinking.


“Agility” has become one of the hot buzzwords of the workplace today. As we settle in to a reality of rapid changes, continual uncertainty and new circumstances that have very little precedent and no clear-cut answers, everyone is feeling the pressure to adapt, to flex, to shift on a dime.

In many organizations, it’s the managers and emerging leaders who are on the front lines of this pressure. As Tom Davenport of Towers Watson put it, "Creating a resilient workplace that can deal with trauma and come out engaged on the other end is not a senior executive's role. It's a line manager's job."

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In Preparing for the Olympics, Coca-Cola Exercises its Brainpower


Seventy days, 8,000-plus miles, 1,000 towns, and one momentous flame.

Preparing for what was dubbed the “logistical minefield” of the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay wasn’t so much a physical test as a mental one for the organizers and sponsors of the London Games.

As a Worldwide Partner, Coca-Cola knew it would need to unleash its full brainpower to execute with flawless communication, stay agile in the face of enormous complexity, and generate world-class teamwork from a diverse group of people who, for the most part, had never worked together before.

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Manager Agility, Speed and Adaptability: The New Differentiators


We’re living in an environment in which there always seems to be too much work and not enough time. That’s one of the reasons why agility, speed and adaptability are being touted as the new competitive advantages for organizations.

At the level of execution in particular, agility has never been more critical to organizational success, and the responsibilities are lying squarely on the shoulders of today’s managers. Being able to move the organization from Point A to Point B quickly and effectively requires managers who can optimize communications, workflows, problem solving and performance.

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Thinking Agility® Webcast Available for On-Demand Viewing

Ann Herrmann-Nehdi’s July 13th HR.com webcast, Getting More Done With Less: 4 Steps to Building Your Thinking Agility, is now available for on-demand viewing for HR.com members.

Ann reveals how you can apply what we know about thinking and the brain to better “see around corners” and harness the full brainpower available—your own as well as others’—to meet today’s mental demands while maintaining a more strategic mindset.

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ASTD 2012: 5 Reasons to Stop By Booth 711

The ASTD 2012 International Conference and Expo is around the corner, and we’re gearing up for a great show in Denver.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do when you stop by the Herrmann International booth, #711, in the Expo Hall this year:

  1. Pick up a free USB drive pre-stocked with Whole Brain® resources.
  2. Spend focused time with Herrmann International representatives to discuss your business priorities and goals.
  3. Experience sample modules from the award-winning simulation, The Thinking Accelerator®.
  4. View quick learning videos on various management topics.
  5. Play “Kinect Adventures” and get the opportunity to win a free Kinect peripheral for XBOX 360!

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