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7 Yoga Poses for Better Thinking


September is National Yoga Month, and what better time than the beginning of fall to stretch, refresh and reconnect with our bodies, minds and spirits.

As you practice your yoga poses this month, why not use it as an opportunity to develop your thinking agility, too?

Grab your yoga mat and your thinking cap, and check out these 7 yoga poses to inspire better thinking.

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Creative Thinking Tips Inspired by Pokémon GO’s Development


“Do you know how to download this?”

The woman was leaning against her car, iPhone in hand.

“Everyone’s talking about Pokémon GO, but I can’t get it to download,” she said as she frantically scrolled and swiped. “Have you played it?”

I told her no, I hadn’t played it. And assuming she eventually figured out how to download it, it occurs to me that I might just be the earth’s last holdout.

How does a simple game suddenly take off like wildfire? And what lessons can we learn and apply to the creative problems we need to tackle in our own organizations?

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15 Ways to Celebrate World Brain Day


In celebration of World Brain Day 2016 on July 22, we’ve been thinking about some easy ways to keep your brain in tip-top shape so you can get the most from your brainpower. This year's theme is "Brain Health and the Aging Population," so we're paying special attention to tips for maintaining a sharp and healthy mind.

Here are 15 ideas to get you started:

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Declare Your Thinking Style Independence!


This holiday weekend made us think about independence.

In particular, it made us think about the fact that we’re not always fighting against someone else for our independence; sometimes we’re our own worst enemies.

We get stuck in a rut or a comfort zone, and it clouds our view. We tell ourselves stories about what we can and can’t accomplish. We move in autopilot, reacting unconsciously to the events and noise around us, only to discover that we’ve been treading water without getting anywhere.

Think you’re not creative? Think you can’t deal with details?

Think again.

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10 Quotes to Open the Lines of Cross-Functional Communications

More project-focused work, flatter organizations, increasing complexity, the rise of holacracies, evolving management structures…they all add up to more cross-functional teaming in the workplace. But based on the results of a study conducted last year, we may be a little too optimistic when we include the word "functional" in that description.  
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One Thing to Know About Your Brain That Will Change Everything


From neuroleadership and neuromarketing to brain games and mindfulness training, there’s a lot of talk about the brain, both in its business and personal applications.

For all the noise and clutter in today’s world, though, this “neurobuzz” sometimes feels like it’s only adding to the mental burden.

But here’s the good news: You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to develop effective learning, to be a better leader, to connect with your customers or to reach your full potential.

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How to Fire Up Your Employee Training Program with A Cross-Training Regimen for the Brain


In fitness it’s a given that if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you’ll eventually hit a plateau and your results will start to flatten out.

Enter cross training, which involves switching up your activities or combining several different techniques and strategies into a single workout. It gets you out of your comfort zones, fires up new muscles and pushes you to a new level of performance.

Could that same philosophy be applied to fire up performance in the workplace?

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3 Tips for Overcoming the Frustrations of Collaboration


"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." – Aristotle

I played the flute earlier in life and remember the thrill of my first solo performance, particularly exciting since I had written the music. But as lovely as that was, a solo flute with no accompaniment has a singular sound. It comes alive when other instruments join in.

Playing in the school band transformed my solo voice into a full blown and complete tapestry of performance—one that a solo instrument really couldn’t match. It was more challenging, but the effort was clearly worth it.

I thought about this recently as I was collaborating on a presentation for a conference with a client. I’m used to working alone on many of my keynotes, and I quickly discovered that this type of collaboration takes a lot more time and back and forth.

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4 Questions that Will Improve Problem Solving in Your Group


Due to a quality problem with a weekly shipment, a large financial publishing firm was facing a very unhappy $50 million customer.

This was obviously a very big deal. The managers were scrambling for a solution and feeling stuck. So they reached out to someone in the organization who knew about our Whole Brain® Model and asked for help.

This person pointed out that the managers had done some things very well. They’d done the analysis. They’d crunched the numbers. They’d focused on the fact-based and implementation-oriented thinking aspects of the problem by discovering what the symptoms were and how they were playing out. Yet there was something missing—a new way of looking at the problem, a shift in mindset.

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Quotable Business Advice from the Whole Brain Business Book


Twenty years ago, Ned Herrmann’s groundbreaking book opened the eyes of business leaders and professionals around the world to the power of Whole Brain® Thinking. With the release of The Whole Brain Business Book, Second Edition, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, CEO of Herrmann International, is carrying on her father’s legacy and bringing practical new insights and advice specific to the challenges of the 21st century business environment.

Filled with real-world examples and essential charts, action steps, exercises, and tools, The Whole Brain Business Book shows you how to rethink your business, prepare for the future, realign your goals, and reinvigorate your team—by putting your whole brain to work.

The select quotes below give you a taste of what’s inside:

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