Make Your Meetings Work with Stop & Think


For most of my professional life, I’ve worked with software product development teams, as a business analyst and product manager. That means I get to collaborate with several different people to accomplish anything.

As a result, I’ve built a love-hate relationship with meetings:

I love meetings when they help my team build products and customers solve problems.

I’m not a fan of meetings that don’t make progress toward those outcomes, which seem to be most of them.

I suspect a lot of you can relate, so here are some thoughts on meetings, why they’re important, what challenges they present, and how you can make your meetings work with the help of Herrmann’s Stop & Think app in Microsoft Teams.

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5 Ways to Use Stop & Think to Strengthen Your Team


Diverse, cross-functional teams are more likely to accomplish the most impactful work that organizations perform these days. 

When you’re part of such a team, you have to figure out how to effectively leverage your various approaches to collaborating, solving problems, and making decisions.

Whole Brain® Thinking provides great insight that can help your team figure out how to make the most of your team’s diverse thinking preferences- but those insights are only helpful if they’re readily available.

That’s where Stop & Think comes into play. If your team spends most of its workday in Microsoft Teams, the Stop & Think integration provides you easy access to the key information from your team member’s shared HBDI® profiles. It also provides guidance on how to take advantage of all the insights those HBDI® profiles provide.

Here are five common scenarios when your team can use Stop & Think to maximize your effectiveness.

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Managing Organizational Change in a Remote Workplace


The workplace has changed dramatically in just a few years. Millions of people have shifted to hybrid and remote schedules while new technologies continue to change how work is done. All of this disruption puts stress on organizations and the people in them. As they look to adapt to the future of work, leaders must pay particular attention to change management in remote working.

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3 Tips for Overcoming the Frustrations of Collaboration


"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." – Aristotle

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