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3 Filters for Sorting Through the “Buzz” Around Neuroscience in Learning


“If one more person talks to me about my amygdala, I’ll scream!”

This learner’s reaction isn’t surprising. The last decade has seen a frenzy of neuroscience research, leading to an avalanche of new findings and interest in the field. But along with the exciting new knowledge comes the inevitable hype and distraction. New studies abound that may or may not be practical or relevant in the real world of business. 

And that’s where the rubber really meets the road. Because for all the research, attention and general trendiness of the topic, when it comes to your learners, your workplace, your business and your results, there are only two questions that really matter: Can you use it, and does it deliver what you need?

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Why Learning and the Brain is on Everyone’s Mind


It’s no secret the subject of learning and the brain is always on my mind. But lately, it seems to be something everyone is thinking about.

In the past month alone, I’ve received two requests to write articles about the impact of brain research on training and learning. It’s also a topic that seems to be percolating more and more in the overall business community, particularly as new methods of studying the brain have generated new findings, more publicity and greater interest in broader circles.

In light of all this, it’s not surprising that one of the most common remarks I now hear from business leaders, training professionals and learners alike is an exasperated, “I feel like people are telling me I have to be a neuroscientist to do my job these days!”

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Social, Sleep and Learning: Update from the 2013 NeuroLeadership Summit


Herrmann International’s CEO Ann Herrman-Nehdi filed a video report from this year’s NeuroLeadership Summit, where she was also a presenter.

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The Four Things You Need to Know about The Neurobiology of Leadership Assessments

For more learning and insights on thinking, mindsets and brain science, check out my full video report from the 2011 Neuroleadership Summit.

In our presentation on the Neurobiology of Leadership Assessments at the Neuroleadership Summit last week, Mark Schar from Stanford and I concluded that in this early stage of this field of research, there are four points we have to pay attention to.

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