Developing Managers? Start With Their Thinking.


“Agility” has become one of the hot buzzwords of the workplace today. As we settle in to a reality of rapid changes, continual uncertainty and new circumstances that have very little precedent and no clear-cut answers, everyone is feeling the pressure to adapt, to flex, to shift on a dime.

In many organizations, it’s the managers and emerging leaders who are on the front lines of this pressure. As Tom Davenport of Towers Watson put it, "Creating a resilient workplace that can deal with trauma and come out engaged on the other end is not a senior executive's role. It's a line manager's job."

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Engage the Brains of Your High Potentials & Managers As If Your Business Depends On It (Because it Does)


High-potential leaders are critical to ensuring businesses can meet their goals now and in years to come, and that’s why one of the most pressing human resource challenges today is a lack of up-and-coming managerial talent to quickly and effectively execute on critical strategies and initiatives.

A recent PWC survey found that 50% of business leaders say their biggest challenge is recruiting and retaining high-potential middle managers. The impact, they report, is being felt across the business, from cancelled or delayed strategic initiatives to missed market opportunities and an inability to innovative effectively.

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Manager Agility, Speed and Adaptability: The New Differentiators


We’re living in an environment in which there always seems to be too much work and not enough time. That’s one of the reasons why agility, speed and adaptability are being touted as the new competitive advantages for organizations.

At the level of execution in particular, agility has never been more critical to organizational success, and the responsibilities are lying squarely on the shoulders of today’s managers. Being able to move the organization from Point A to Point B quickly and effectively requires managers who can optimize communications, workflows, problem solving and performance.

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