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Sharing and Pairs within the Herrmann Platform

The best things in life are shared - and thinking is no exception. At a recent Certified Practitioner in Practice (CPiP) workshop, Whole Brain® Catalyst Anne Griswold discussed why sharing our thinking matters to our businesses and more importantly to the people in them. Anne also discussed how Herrmann tools can help us share our thinking preferences with others.

Watch the highlight reel for a quick recap of the Sharing and Pairs CPiP workshop:

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Sharing our thinking gives us insight into others and vice versa. We shouldn’t make decisions based on assumptions and attempted mind-reading, which can happen especially when communication isn’t clear. Many issues, problems, and frustrations at work and in life can be minimized or avoided altogether when thinking preferences are clearly communicated. Having a tool to understand our own thinking and that of others creates clearer lines of communication and much less guessing.

Getting clear on your thinking preferences and then sharing with others allows people to get direct insight into how you think, so they don’t have to guess. The Thinker portal on the Herrmann platform includes several different resources to help you reflect on your thinking, and then share it with others in your organization.


Before you can share your thinking, you should first take the time to understand the way in which you personally think. A good way to do that is by reflecting on your thinking preferences and how your thinking might influence different aspects of your life like collaborating, communicating, and building trust.

The recently upgraded Thinker journey includes several different journaling opportunities to capture specifics about how your thinking preferences play out in practice, including:

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Once you personalize your HBDI® profile by adding your responses to the guided reflection questions in your Thinker journey, you’re ready to share. Sharing allows you to grant others at your organization permission to view your Whole Brain® Thinking preferences and reflection responses:

Sharing Demo Tablet FramedPair reports are another powerful tool to facilitate conversations for understanding between two people. This can be an especially helpful resource when onboarding new talent, establishing a managing or coaching relationship, or navigating conflict.

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Learn more about what the pair report includes so you can apply it to your own team. This tool can help foster shared understanding and resolve conflict by facilitating conversations around individual and shared thinking preferences.

As a Whole Brain® Catalyst, we encourage you to share your thinking, leverage Herrmann thinking tools with your organizations, and teach others about the power and value of Whole Brain® Thinking to increase understanding, engagement, teamwork, and overall understanding between people. 


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