Introducing the “Next Normal” Productivity Grader

The shift to pandemic-related uncertainty and distributed work caught a lot of teams unprepared. By now, most have adjusted to the basics of remote work – spending most of your days on video calls and chat with your team, but have you asked yourself whether—and how—you could be doing things better than you were before disruption? 

Understanding the cognitive diversity of your team can dramatically foster a more agile, efficient, and cohesive work environment – this is especially critical now more than ever. As the curve flattens and businesses gradually reopen “business as usual” will be… well, different.

While the pandemic forced millions of organizations to become distributed, it is reported that in “next normal” 70 percent of professionals will work remotely at least one day a week and 53 percent work remotely for at least half of the week. Both Twitter and Square announced that they will allow their employees to remain remote permanently, if they choose. 

With office layouts changing (goodbye, open office plan?), schedules being altered and staggered, and some companies shifting to a completely virtual setup – now is time to take a hard look at your team’s productivity for the “next normal” and think about how you can better harness your cognitive diversity. Get some clarity with the “Next Normal” Productivity Grader. 

Take the grader: All you have to do is answer 10 quick, multiple choice questions and you'll receive your team’s productivity grade and status report, and a custom action plan based on your grade to give you the steps you need to harness cognitive diversity and become more productive as a team, for today’s uncertain environment and the “next normal” that will follow.

Take The "Next Normal" Productivity Grader.

How will you adapt? It's time to think about what the "Next Normal" will look like for you. Get our Adapting to Uncertainty white paper now.

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