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A brain cross-training with weights

How to Cross Train Your Brain

Cross training applies to more than just your physical fitness. In this short video, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi explains how you can get a mental workout by intentionally bringing together a variety of perspectives and incorporating diversity of thought—particularly helpful when you’re facing a novel challenge or complex problem, or you just want to take a more creative approach to your work.

Creativity and innovation require that you flex a range of mental muscles, both by seeking out the thinking that’s different from your own and by stretching to exert those thinking preferences you don’t tend to use as often.

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As with any good fitness regimen, the effort you put into it will be worth it. As Ann points out, remaining mentally fit is essential to increasing your creative output and being able to deal with the challenges we all face in today’s environment.

Consider this personal training for your brain! 

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