Finding New “Ahas!” in the Self-Paced Journey Experience

/by Kim White

As certified practitioners of Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI®, we love the “ahas” that occur during a profile results debrief. These are the magical moments when the person getting their results for the first time has a sudden awareness or recognition of a personal truth revealed by the Whole Brain® Thinking model. Maybe it was a situation with a spouse or partner or a team dynamic at work that suddenly had a clear explanation. We see a certain look in their eyes, a shy grin, or maybe an enthusiastic laugh that signals that personal “OH! I GET IT NOW!”

If you love these moments as a practitioner, then you’re about to embark on a whole new level of “ahas'' – ones that will have a deeper and more lasting impact for Thinkers than the ones you’ve previously experienced. 

You were taught in certification to teach the model – the metaphor, the history, and the overall value - as part of the profile results debrief process. As you debrief, if you were lucky you might have a little time to discuss some on-the-job application when working with Thinkers in your organization. It’s a lot of teaching and a smidge of practical application, if there’s time. 

We heard loud and clear from our certified practitioners (CPs): “We need a ‘what’s next.’ What can Thinkers do after the debrief to keep Whole Brain® Thinking alive?” Our micro-learning experience, which we call the journey, is now updated to include complete personal profile results. It’s the answer to the question of what’s next. And we didn’t lose the “ahas” – in fact, we found new ones!

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Using the journey to start the conversation

CPs can now invite Thinkers to complete a new journey with a self-paced results experience that covers the basics of Whole Brain® Thinking and progressively reveals the HBDI® profile results via 8 micro-learning modules.

They begin the journey learning path which gradually teaches Whole Brain® Thinking and reveals their personal profile results throughout each module. Upon completion, the Thinker is ready for a deeper conversation with you - if it’s your company’s practice to provide face-to-face time - and they can also personalize and share their profile with others. You enter a conversation now from a whole new level: No need to teach all of the model or history, the quadrants, the scoring, modes, or clusters! You enter the conversation with a quick review of what they learned, and then the Thinker is primed for a discussion on how to apply what they’ve learned

New “Ahas!” elevate the impact

Using the new process for teaching Whole Brain® Thinking has been extremely rewarding for me personally as a CP. A few weeks ago, I conducted a series of debriefs for a growing company. We reviewed results for overall comprehension and then dug deep into application of Whole Brain® Thinking and awareness of their profile results - and we aligned our conversation to the transition they were experiencing within the company, since many were recently promoted to a new role. We had time to talk about individual and team meetings, time management, and communication best practices using Whole Brain® Thinking. I’m thrilled to share that during the conversation there were multiple “ahas” for each Thinker, as they recognized a required shift needed in their thinking and left the conversation with a clear plan of action for improvement. 

To my delight, the “ahas” haven’t been lost at all, because new application “ahas” emerged during the conversation. The Thinker is more prepared to immediately put their new awareness of self and others into practice with their teams.

Do I miss walking people through their results when using the journey experience instead of the personal Whole Brain® Thinking and profile results debrief? Not at all, because my goal is to help them actually use Whole Brain® Thinking, not just know what it is - and that’s been my own personal “aha” from this experience. 

Add the self-paced debrief experience to your initiatives and help your Thinkers apply daily Whole Brain® practices for improved outcomes!


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