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Client Spotlight: AND Digital's Enhanced Whole Brain® Journey

Herrmann is proud to announce the official launch of the new-and-improved Whole Brain® Thinking journey. The upgraded experience now includes 8 self-paced microlearning modules with a variety of added opportunities for reflection and application - and several companies are already putting it to good use.

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With more than 60 organizations using the upgraded journey experience to accelerate their rollout of Whole Brain® Thinking, we’re already seeing an impact. One of the earliest adopters, AND Digital is actively using the new journey to enhance their use of the HBDI® and create meaningful opportunities for deeper engagement with the Whole Brain® Model across the organization.

Spotlight on AND Digital

AND Digital is a leader in the tech sector, and is on a mission to close theand_digital copy world’s digital skills gap by empowering people with the knowledge they need to unlock the power of technology - so it’s no surprise that they jumped at the chance to try out our new journey, a digital feature designed to accelerate an organization’s adoption of Whole Brain® Thinking. 

As AND Digital founder Paramjit Uppal shared in a recent post on diversity and growth in the tech sector, Whole Brain® Thinking is a core element of AND’s organizational effectiveness:

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Founder of AND Digital
“By gaining some insight into the diverse cognitive make-up of our people, we’ve been able to tailor our business goals, operations and educational opportunities to ensure our way of doing things remains vibrant, multifaceted, optimized and free from perception blindness.”

AND Digital introduces Whole Brain® Thinking right from the get-go, using our learning journey in their award-winning onboarding and orientation programs to bring new ANDis (as employees are known internally) into the company’s innovative ways of working, to harness the power of cognitive diversity, and to provide a career launch pad for all new hires.

HubSpot Video

Caption: Hear from an ANDi Squad Leader how their HBDI® workshop contributes to an award-winning onboarding bootcamp experience.

AND Digital’s Journey Launch Timeline

timeline November 2021: The entire team of AND Digital’s Herrmann® Certified Practitioners (CPs) participated in a product demo to learn more about the upgraded journey experience - and their response was a combination of excitement and curiosity around how this new, self-paced, digital journey would affect their role supporting Whole Brain® Thinkers within the company. They wondered: Would the new journey result in less direct interaction with Thinkers? How would the new journey impact HBDI® debriefs? What if the new journey somehow made CPs seem less important?

timeline December 2021 - January 2022: What they found was actually the opposite: Adopting the upgraded journey also enhanced the functions of AND Digital’s CPs, with more time and space now available for applying Whole Brain® Thinking to real workplace scenarios instead of spending the bulk of time debriefing the model and decoding profiles. Led by Harriet Perks and Ashleigh DuCran of the Learning & Development team, AND Digital CPs developed a new, dedicated HBDI® session as part of their onboarding program to deep-dive into topics like future development and team formation. Essentially, the new journey allowed CPs and new hires to get further faster, and ultimately created an increased demand for trained CPs.

timeline February 2022: AND Digital officially piloted the upgraded journey as a stand-alone event in their onboarding process - creating dedicated time in the new hire experience for self-paced reflection and learning and resulting in high marks from the pilot cohort, with an average positive participant rating of 3.6/4.

timeline March 2022: This month, AND Digital is set to roll out the new journey across the entire company - both for new hires to gain insight into their thinking preferences, and for all ANDis to receive an enhanced refresher on Whole Brain® Thinking.

Join the New Journey

Want to learn more and try out the new journey? Schedule time with your dedicated client success manager and get started with experiencing the impact of Whole Brain® Thinking at scale.

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