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Time Management the Whole Brain® Way

Recently over in our LinkedIn Group, someone asked how people tend to manage time according to their HBDI® Profile.

With so many of us being asked to do more with less and manage multiple streams of information and tasks, effective time management has become a necessity, and your HBDI® Profile gives you insights into how your thinking preferences impact the way you manage time.

In this video, Time Management the Whole Brain® Way, you’ll learn some tips for managing time based on your thinking styles.

If you’re an HBDI® Certified Practitioner, be sure to also visit the Practitioners Area of our website to download the slides, “Time Orientation and Time Management The Whole Brain® Way.” Go to the Practitioner Resources section and look under "General Information."

What are some of your best time management tips? How are you using what we know about the brain to get a better handle on time?

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