Sales Leadership White Paper Provides Framework for Better Results

Last year the McKinsey article Getting More From Your Training Programs made an interesting point about sales training and how organizations are investing their time and resources to optimize their sales organizations:

The content of the training itself is not the biggest issue…The most significant improvements lie in rethinking the mindsets that employees and their leaders bring to training, as well as the environment they come back to afterward.

Why are thinking and mindsets so important, particularly in the sales arena?

  • Thinking is at the core of everything we do. We can’t change behavior and make it stick without first addressing the thinking that drives behavior (and results).
  • Sales leaders today are faced with a near constant stream of diverse mental tasks. If they can’t nimbly and effectively adjust their thinking to the situation, they won’t be able to get ahead of the “fire drills” and start planning and creating the future.
  • Speed matters now more than ever. Whether the issue is performance improvement through coaching, time to job mastery, or process efficiency, speed has never been more important to filling the pipeline, gaining a competitive foothold and maintaining customer loyalty. To grease the wheels, you have to align mindsets.

Our newest white paper explores how sales leaders can develop their Whole Brain® Thinking skills and organize current processes and people development strategies around a common set of tools and methods derived from what we know about thinking preferences and performance.

It lays out an easy-to-apply framework that will save sales leaders time, money and energy while delivering the increased speed, skills and productivity necessary to close deals faster and generate more revenue.

Download the free white paper, The Mind of Successful Sales Leadership.

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