Recent News on Thinking and the Brain

Some food for thought from the world of thinking this month:

  • Use your brain to get happier. Your career may require your mind to be on the lookout for problems, but there are also a few simple steps you can take to train your brain to be happy. After all, the “irrationally positive brain” can help motivate us to keep moving forward.
  • Our memory system is built to change, depending on what information is important at the moment. A new study has found that our brains rewrite our memories, and while this means our memories are less accurate, scientists believe this adaptive function is part of the continual learning process.
  • There’s beauty in mathematics, according to your brain. Research reveals that certain mathematical equations and formulas trigger a similar brain response as artistic and musical masterpieces, suggesting a potential neurobiological basis to beauty.

And finally, this month’s issue of National Geographic focuses on the latest scientific research and discoveries that are beginning to paint a clearer picture of how the brain works.

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