Putting the ‘Fun’ into Functional

It is rare that anyone pushes back on having some fun, unless it feels like we are doing something “too serious.” Fun is, in fact, one of the most effective ways to engage, learn and gain compliance.

Perhaps you have seen the video on YouTube that shows the piano stairs in Sweden, designed to get people to take the stairs rather than the escalator for improved health reasons. Before they know it, subway riders have actually enjoyed their climb up the stairs.

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The current issue of BusinessWeek Magazine has a fascinating story about a new approach to childhood education and compliance for those who suffer from diabetes. Didget is a glucose testing meter that plugs into a video console: Why not make the annoying process of drawing blood for testing something fun?

Research done with our partners in South Africa clearly demonstrated the challenges associated with getting compliance from diabetic kids. The typical approach used by educators and parents focused solely on the rules, schedules and other compliance issues (the B quadrant of the Whole Brain® Model). Once they adopted a Whole Brain® approach – which included an element of fun – compliance happened (and parents stopped nagging!).

What are your examples of making functional more fun?

What could you do in your day-to-day that would take an unpleasant activity and turn it into something really appealing and enjoyable? Share your ideas—we will send a “fabulous prize” to the person who submits the best example.

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