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Podcast Explores Whole Brain® Thinking Applications to Project Management

In a recent interview posted on the Guerrilla Project Management blog, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi shared insights on how the Whole Brain® system can be used to improve project management processes and outcomes.

The Guerilla Project Management blog explores topics related to the mindset Project Managers must adopt to be able to effectively manage today’s complex projects.

In a lively conversation with blogger and Certified Project Management Professional Samad Aidane, Ann explains that projects often fail not because of lack of effective project management processes, tools, and techniques but rather because of the quality of thinking that gets in the way of applying them on our projects.

She discusses how Whole Brain® Thinking can help project managers and their teams better understand and leverage their preferred thinking styles to reduce conflict and misunderstandings, accelerate project timelines, and get better results. She also explores the results a Danish municipality, Slagelse Municipality, has achieved by incorporating the Whole Brain® system into its project management approaches.

Listen to the podcast: Herrmann’s Whole Brain® Thinking Model for Project Management

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