How efficient is your sales thinking?

With so many of us pressed for time and juggling more and more responsibilities, it doesn’t make sense to focus energy and attention on areas that will be unnecessary—or even detrimental—to the sale.

By learning how to diagnose the thinking styles of customers, sales people can quickly engage their prospects, understand their pain points, articulate value in a more compelling way, and close deals faster.

But this isn’t just a strategy that will benefit the sales team.

Whether you’re selling a product or service, trying to get buy-in for your ideas, or need to work more productively with internal customers and stakeholders, paying attention to their thinking helps you get outside your own head so you can focus on what’s really driving the decision-making process for that specific person.

So, how do you think like your customer?

In a video lesson for Athena Online’s MyQuickCoach series, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, explains how specific questions, comments and even the environment can reveal a great deal about:

  • What your customer cares about
  • How they prefer to be communicated with
  • What types of information you should focus on, and just as importantly, the kinds you don’t want or need to waste time on

As you watch the video, consider how you might apply a knowledge of customer thinking to improve other areas of your business, including:

  • Improving the efficiency and user-friendliness of processes
  • Fine-tuning marketing and communication approaches
  • Developing, segmenting or redesigning product offerings

Watch the video: Connecting with the Customer

ThinkAbout Communicating

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