Four Secrets of the Learning Brain – ASTD Video Available

At the 2010 ASTD Conference & Exposition, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi’s session, “Four Secrets of the Learning Brain,” received a 98% participant satisfaction rate. You can now preview and purchase the mp3 or audio file of this popular session by visiting the ASTD Live Learning Center.

Discover how to align training design, e-learning, activities, tasks and responsibilities with multiple thinking models – thereby improving the impact of your learning design.

In this information-packed, engaging presentation, Ann draws on decades of research on the brain and learning to show you how to build a performance-based program that gets the results you need, meeting the requirements for your organization to remain competitive.

You’ll take away a practical set of tools you can apply immediately to leverage your talent's brainpower, and you’ll learn how to design and implement training using a proven Whole Brain® approach.

Head over to the ASTD Live Learning Center for full details:

Four Secrets of the Learning Brain
ASTD 2010 International Conference & Exposition
Speaker: Ann Herrmann-Nehdi
Program Code: 214158

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Tags: Training Design, Learning and Development, Whole Brain Thinking

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