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Engaging Employees: Pay Attention to What Really Matters

Engaging Employees: Pay Attention to What Really Matters

From business magazines to HR publications to health and wellness websites, employee engagement is one of the hot topics of the moment.

The Googles and's of the world are often name-dropped as examples of companies that are doing it right, keeping their employees happy and, well, keeping their employees.

But what makes them happy? Is it the perks like free food and dry cleaning? The financial incentives? The social activities?

Before you install that coffee bar, take a look at what employees say really matters to them.

While Google offers many perks, the research shows that these aren’t actually the primary drivers of job satisfaction. Referring to the results of his study of more than 1,400 US-based companies, Mark Murphy, CEO of Leadership IQ, put it bluntly about what motivates employees:

“What they really need is a workplace that isn't going to irritate them.”

What actually makes Google so successful, he adds, “is the competition of ideas, the pure meritocracy, whoever has the best idea wins."

Blessing White’s Employee Engagement Report echoes these findings. In their survey of more than 11,000 people around the globe, they found that “employees worldwide view opportunities to apply their talents, career development and training as top drivers of job satisfaction.”

And managers, they point out, aren’t necessarily focusing on the things that matter most to their employees.

No wonder employees are irritated. And no wonder the high potentials at those organizations are looking for other opportunities.

What motivates one person won’t necessarily motivate another, but applying what we know about the brain makes it easier for leaders to understand how different employees prefer to think and approach their work and what they pay attention to. Because thinking drives behavior, it gives leaders the clues and framework to focus on what will really engage, motivate and retain their employees.

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