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Don’t Fall Back! Spring Ahead To Get Ready for the New Normal

We’ve entered a “New Normal” in the wake of this recession, and our world will never be the same. Fall may be in the air, but now’s the time to use your Whole Brain® to Spring forward with a new creative and strategic mindset.

In this month’s BrainBytes newsletter, we explore the steps you can take using your Whole Brain® to get into a new mindset:

  • Try a zero-based approach to your personal or professional situation, and capture what is “in.” Do a gap analysis to see what is currently “in” that may need to go.
  • Imagine what your world will be like post recession, and identify at least one opportunity that is new and could be explored. Use magic wand thinking or any other creative tool you know to find new possibilities.
  • Get outside your own head. Engage your team, friends and/or family in looking for ways to reduce stress and lighten up so you can temper or ward off the proverbial “reptilian downshifts” that can so easily occur.
  • Develop a New Normal plan. Start by looking at the Spring (or later in next year if you are more comfortable with that) to chart out your “New Normal” and the steps that will get you there. If you find your self worrying about how the old normal will get taken care of, go back to the A quadrant and use a zero-based approach to imagine that this is a new start. Try it! It works!
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