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Exploring the Future of Thinking at Training 2017 Conference & Expo

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I’m always surprised when a conference surprises me. When you go to them a lot—and especially when you’re wearing your marketing hat—you begin to wonder just which one it is you’re at this time. So whenever there are some standouts, whether in the sessions, the Expo Hall or the new connections made, it makes an impression.

At the Training Conference in San Diego last week, there was the usual the cornucopia of exhibits, learning sessions, concessions and assorted activities to take part in. You have to get strategic about it if you want to check off your list and fit everything in. I knew there would be sessions I’d want to attend from a personal learning point of view as well as other activities that would help expand my horizons and spark my thinking from a business and marketing perspective.

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Your Sharp Focus Might Be Blocking Out Diversity of Thought


Lately, we’ve been talking about something that Ann Herrmann-Nehdi calls “rut thinking.” It’s just what it sounds like. It’s about getting stuck in a single-minded way of approaching a problem or tackling your work or even thinking about the future. It may feel like a shortcut because you’re “in the groove,” but from that narrow vantage point, it’s hard to get a clear view of what’s really going on all around you. And that makes it even harder to find a potentially better way forward.

While there’s something to be said for specialization and a laser-sharp focus, like any good thing, too much of it can be a problem.

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