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4 Ways the Herrmann Platform Keeps Thinkers Engaged After a Debrief

As Certified Practitioners, one of the most common questions we ask is, “What’s next?”

After our Thinkers have taken the HBDI® and we go over their results and help them experience their own personal ‘AHA’ moments in a debrief session, where do they go from there? How can we help them continue on their journey of awareness and application of Whole Brain® Thinking on a daily basis?

Our Definition of Thinker:
Thinker (n) - think·er /ˈTHiNGkər/
an individual who has taken the HBDI® assessment and has been debriefed by a Certified Practitioner
An individual who has awareness of Whole Brain® Thinking and can apply the model in daily interactions

That is where the Herrmann Platform, more specifically the Thinker portal, comes in.

The Thinker portal is a tool to keep the engagement and application of Whole Brain® Thinking going after sessions with a practitioner. Below are four ways the Thinker portal will continue to engage Thinkers long after their debrief:


The Thinker portal and the HBDI® App provide 24/7 access to HBDI® results. Thinkers can review just their profile kite and preference code, or they can drill down into each of the quadrants and even under pressure. It provides the baseline, validated information of the Thinker’s preference code to help them understand the model and react to their results.

Most importantly it provides a starting point for their extended journey after the debrief.

Once they understand the model they will definitely have their own opinions about their preferences and what their results mean. And, no matter where they are, if they need to reference something in their results, they are able to pull out their phone and look at their results within a few seconds.

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After a debrief and becoming familiar with the model, the Thinker portal allows Thinkers to take ownership of their results. Not the ownership of knowing their results, but actual ownership of providing their own commentary based on the takeaways from their debrief and putting them into their own words to share with their team.

Being able to put their own spin on their results to let their team know how to best communicate with them is an invaluable trust building exercise.


A typical day can consist of constant communication, both written and in person.

A Thinker can start the week by looking up the profiles of those team members they will be interacting with during the week and making sure that they prep their agenda/outline in a way that will engage their audience.

Best of all, they won’t be relying on a generic description of preferences, they will be preparing against what their audience shared in their own words. This gives them the confidence that their message is going to land and creates better outcomes.

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Once Thinkers have bought-in to Whole Brain® Thinking and the common language starts to spread throughout the organization, it makes sense to start including their results in everyday communications.

Using the assets available to them within the platform, Thinkers can be more creative in sharing their preferences with others.

With the current emphasis on virtual meetings and the overwhelming number of opportunities to add self-portraits to software directories, instant messaging, and social sites. Thinkers can take full advantage of the digital assets within the Thinker portal to display and share their HBDI® results. A couple of examples that can be done in a matter of minutes are:

  • Add your HBDI® kite to your favorite Zoom virtual background
  • Add your HBDI® frame from your shared profile to your headshot
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The Herrmann Platform tools are another resource you have in your toolbox as a Certified Practitioner -- one that does not require hours of preparation or facilitation and one in which Thinkers can engage with Whole Brain® Thinking - every day.

Want to learn more about leveraging the Herrmann Platform to drive engagement with your Thinkers? Contact your CSM and ask them about upcoming workshops!

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